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Web Governance

A new federated structure is in place comprised of a Web governance board, a Web presence committee and Departmental Web Representatives​.

It ensures the alignment of CERN's web presence with the organisational strategy, makes recommendations, implements decisions and ensures a two way information flow between the central governance and the departments​.

Web Representatives

The main responsibilities of the departmental web contact points is to ensure two-way information flow between the web presence committee and the departments, to have an overview of the departmental websites and to advise web owners within their department of best practices.


  • Liaising with the web presence committee and the web owners within their department to ensure a centralised two-way information flow.
  • Being owners of mission-critical websites and therefore familiar with CERN’s web technologies and best practices.
  • Acting as a web “superuser” so that the web presence committee can discuss changes and seek feedback ahead of web community meetings and documentation improvements.
  • Maintaining an overview of the websites within their department.
  • Advising members of their department prior to creating a website.
  • Overseeing implementation of web presence recommendations.
  • Assigning ownership of websites when web owners leave the organisation.

Web representatives are the first point of contact for website owners. They ensure CERN moves in a coherent fashion.

List of web representatives:

Department / UnitRepresentative
DGDirectorateClaudia Passeri
ATSATSEugenia Hatziangeli
HSEOccupational Health & Safety and Environmental ProtectionUlla Tihinen
BEBeamsStephane Deghaye
ENEngineeringCatharina Hoch
SYAccelerator SystemsAikaterini Leventaki
TETechnologyGermana Riddone
FAPFinance and Administrative ProcessesCaroline Laignel
HRHuman ResourcesCaroline Laignel
IPTIndustry, Procurement and Knowledge TransferCaroline Laignel
SCESite and Civil EngineeringCaroline Laignel
IRInternational RelationsAlmudena Solero
EPExperimental PhysicsJoel Cloiser
ITInformation TechnologyCath Noble
THTheoretical PhysicsElena Gianolio

In addition, we have representatives for the following experiments.

ALICEALICEErnesto Lopez Torres / Guillermo Mesa Perez
ATLASATLASSteven Goldfarb / Karolos Potamianos
CMSCMSSofia Hurst / Dave Barney
LHCbLHCbJoel Cloiser